Evolving Challenges For Modern Enterprise Architectures in the Age of API’s (London DDTM 27.09.18)

Evolving Challenges For Modern Enterprise Architectures in the Age of API's (London DDTM 27.09.18)

Dinis Cruz, CISO from Photobox Group joins us for the evening to give a truly passionate and thought provoking speech on the challenges for modern enterprise architectures. This talk was brought to you by Broadlight and TWH Consulting with sponsorship from New Relic. The London DevOps, Dev & Test Meetup will return to London in November, please connect with our LinkedIn to receive regular updates.

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Key Staff include Rob Hesketh, Alex Higgins, Philip Hellyer, Mario Platt, Steve O’Keefe, Chris Weatherley, Jordan Carter, Shannon Harrison from TWH & Broadlight.