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"You need to have a collaborative hiring process".
Steve Jobs

The State of Play

All businesses rely on the calibre of their staff to propel revenues and services forward and drive innovation. This is the age of disruption and no company is safe standing still. 

The current perception of recruitment is poor, and rightly so due to the outdated and low-quality approaches to hiring and locating people. The experience is needlessly time-consuming for all involved, but the need to attract top talent remains a constant.

Companies who seek to answer their hiring problems by building internal sourcing teams typically cannot address this issue alone, it often leads to additional expenditure through the hybrid use of internal teams and lowest value agencies.

TWH Consulting are not a recruitment agency. By working in partnership with internal stakeholders, we ensure that business values are reflected throughout the hiring lifecycle, dramatically reducing the wasted time and effort created by traditional agency hiring.
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“"It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." – ”
— Charles Darwin

TWH Consulting Focus on a True Collaborative Approach with Clear Communication Channels

Relationship Management

TWH provide a single point of contact for the duration of the engagement; someone you can build a collaborative relationship with and who will enable and ensure that the business objectives are consistently delivered.

Modern Collaboration Tooling

We active use Slack and Trello to engage with our clients, to break down the barriers of traditional Supplier / Client methods. This enables a more fluid and integrated approach across both organisations

Onsite, Reporting and Socials

We have a proven process for building sustainable partnerships, incorporating state of the art metrics and good old fashion fun. Cross organisational nights out are an optimal route to true supplier / client success.

Our Collective Services

Talent Attraction

Immersion Experience
Executive Search
Market Mapping
Onsite Account Manager
Technical Tests
Values Matching

On Demand

UK and European Network
Hard to find skills
Short durations as required

Tech Consultancy

Our local partners and sister companies offer you the very best in the latest innovations. Consulting and technology under one family tree.

Project Teams

Blended rates
Value matching
Improved velocity
UK and Nearshore blended teams
Full Programme Lifecycle


No lock in – 30 days exit clause
Trial period – 1 month
Reduced time to hire
Improved client and candidate satisfaction
Improved retention rates
Improved relationships
Enables hiring managers to focus on day job
Streamlines hiring process
Reduction of TCoT by 50%


Using the most sophisticated tools and a network of some of the most talented individuals across Europe, we present HiveMind. The most connected and informed collaborative network, allowing individuals the knowledge and innovation across a Hive of Talent.
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