Business Evolution Services

Digital Modernisation, Cultural Excitement and Process Re-Invention

“At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years... if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies”
— John Chambers, Executive Chairman, Cisco Systems

What We Do...

The TWH Family helps companies of all sizes with evolving from the now is to the future state. Whether you need to re-imagine processes, bolster talent, or investigate some of latest technology advancements, we partner with you to successful outcomes.

“The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world. ”
— Steve Jobs

How We Engage and Accelerate... Begin with the big risks

Listen, Advise, Learn, Assess

The most important aspect of all engagements, is the ability to truly understand the "now is" and the "future state" vision, your culture and technology stack. We achieve this through our collaborative, empathetic approach.

Replay, Agree, Road map, Action Plan

Collaboratively and through natural communication, we work with all levels of stakeholders to ensure a sensible approach to the challenge at hand. Our action plans focus on direct and immediate benefits to culture to enhance change, whilst focusing on the highest risk areas.

Build, Deliver, Evaluate, Report

TWH believe that the right people underpin successfully growth and evolution. Our ability to not only hire in the right talent but enhance existing team members, lays down the foundations for success. This is underpinned by our Growth Partner Model.


Where ever you are on your journey, our Business Growth Partner Model supports your business by providing the intelligence and innovation that TWH brings to it's Clients. This enables the solution to the Talent quandary.

Technology Innovation

TWH Consulting are alive in the centre of one of the fastest growing digital economies in the UK; Brighton. Casually know as Silicon Beach it hosts a wealth of technology innovation, from Blockchain Integration technologies to Fintech Finance Reporting tools to Low code Experts. As a major contributor to the local economy we have some outstanding relationships and partnerships with technology providers that are can truly enhance your business evolution.

Process Re-Invention


Process evaluation and transformation come from a combined and collaborative organisation environment. TWH provide experts that will listen and understand full life cycle process to consult and enhance our organisations approach, through tried and evolved methods. We have partnerships with leading Process Automation tools and robotics, but remain agnostic on our approach.


Using the most sophisticated tools and a network of some of the most talented individuals across Europe, we present HiveMind. The most connected and informed collaborative network, allowing individuals the knowledge and innovation across a Hive of Talent.
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