Emerging Technologies

This is the area that TWH are most excited about and incorporates all of our other specialism in some way. AI / machine learning for example could be considered an emerging technology and we ourselves are already exploring ways this helps our own business. We also have good knowledge and experience around Low Code development mainly on the OutSystems and Mendix platforms, we see this as the future of software development. We have worked with a number of clients on business process automation with tools such as Blue Prism and interanally use Microsoft Flow to automate a number of sub processes.

We have also worked with a number of local companies on Blockchain technology, assisting them in bringing in the right skills to get a number of start up projects of the ground.

Cloud / Digital Transformation

TWH have been at the fore front of Cloud Transformation since inception. We understand the cost, agility and security benefits of the journey and also support clients in their move to continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Cloud computing is, simply put, the delivery of computing services – servers, database, analytics, networking, etc. – over the Internet (i.e. “The Cloud”).

However there is no such thing as “just moving this application to the cloud”, so TWH provide its clients with some of the best people in this industry, from Business Analysts to Programme Directors, to support the modernisation of clients journey.

We cover the full spectrum of public and private cloud experience including AWS, Azure etc. We also are able to provide people with the latest technology such as Kuberinates, docker, etc

Our Sister company is a full Cloud Transformation Consultancy whom we work very closely with to understand our clients needs.

Typically we provide:

Cloud Architect
Automation Testers
DevOps Engineers
Solutions Architect
Project Managers
Infrastructure Specialists
Transformation Director
Transformation Manager
Mobile Developers

Agile Software Development

For TWH this is our nuts and bolts of what we deliver, in fact one of our Directors has been a Scrum Master and Product Owner on many projects. We align to not only the skill sets required but focus heavily on tema fit through culture and shared values. We have put together numerous agile teams for our clients as well as individual roles.

We have people that have been involved in agile delivery for over 15 years, that work with us to screen individuals and ensure that we come up with the best candidates. We have experience of hiring people across multiple methodologies including DSDM, Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, RAD.

For multi-disciplinary teams we typically provide:

Agile Testers
Agile BA’s
Scrum Master
Product Owner DevOps and Developers
Agile Programme Managers
Agile Coach’s and Agile Trainers Head of Development
Head of Testing, Head of Programmes
Head of Product

Data, AI and IOT

This is the world we now live in, it surrounds us, consumes us and we can consume it. The most fundamental growing area and its links everything to everyone. We have worked within this area and support a company who are changing the face of healthcare data science. The whole TWH Family are very excited by the next phases of the world of data.

So what is the whats next? The introduction of AI and Machine learning is changing the way we interpreted data and allows for a faster decision based outcomes, leading to greater user experience in our connected world.

We work with a range of technologies that underpin the modern data world including Hadoop, MongoDB, IBM Watkins, Cortana IA, Google IA and more.

We cover a range of roles including:

Data Scientist
Data Analyst
BI Developer
ETL Developer
Data Architect
AI Developer
Chatbot Developers

User Experience

The forefront of modern digital solutions user experience and user journey have never held such an important role, it can be making or breaking of any application, especially mobile. We have a large network of increadlable indidudals that work for our clients both contract and perm.

Typical roles include:

UI Designer
UX Designer
Head of UX / Design
Emerging Technologies