Who We Are

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TWH Consulting are a unique Transformation and Business Growth Partner focused on delivering the solutions you need through a hybrid model encompassing all the learning we have gained across consultancy, talent acquisition, system integration and outsourcing approaches.

We partner with you in order to ensure you have the people, technology and processes you need to grow your business. We help you move away from outmoded methods and embrace the change associated with modern methods, technologies and approaches.

Our organisation is made up of a wealth of skills put to work across multi-disciplined teams all of which adhering to TWH’s ethos; ensuring not only that TWH is a successful business, but that our engagement with you is seamless.
"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."
Henry Ford
Understanding of Client Business, Values, Culture, Personalities, Technology, Approach and having Clear Communication Channels is the basis for how we work. We provide a single point of contact for the duration of the engagement; someone you can build a collaborative relationship with and who will enable and ensure that the business objectives are consistently delivered. With a number of offerings available to ensure your business grows, you will always have the stability of a single point of contact to ensure a seamless communication stream at all times.

Customer Quotes

Alan Giles - Head of Test - Brooks Macdonald

Alan Giles – Head of Test – Brooks Macdonald

A notably different company, TWH build and maintain personal relationships with clients so that they do not see them as an outside supplier but as part of the organisation, given my own experience and from what I’ve seen and heard from others.  An example of the kind of service provided: when we had a very urgent need to fill a vacancy (within a week), I reached out to TWH and in the same day they sent a range of candidate profiles; the next day the top 3 candidates I chose arrived for interview, the next day finals, and the day after – offer. The chosen candidate started within 4 days of that initial request. I would thoroughly recommend giving the TWH team a synopsis of your situation when in need and finding out what options they can work out – it might just work out!

Jon Idle - COO - Green Lemon Company

Jon Idle – COO – Green Lemon Company

...it’s been great to work with a very professional company that has allowed Green Lemon Company to grow with the right talent at the right time. Not only is their knowledge above par, they provide the right “fit” candidates, and also ensure they look after their candidates too. So many don’t, and ultimately, this reflects badly on their end customer. Highly recommend working with TWH

Steve Gall - Director of Cloud Services -Honeybee Solutions

Steve Gall – Director of Cloud Services -Honeybee Solutions

TWH Consulting have provided an invaluable service supplying us with highly skilled and specialised cloud resources; enabling us to continue to innovate and grow our business. TWH changed our view of how to effectively supplement teams to meet project and client demands, offering an innovative range of delivery options and tariffs. We’ve had many issues previously with both resource agencies and consultancies failing to deliver the quality of resources we need to keep our edge. TWH, through it’s pool of talent, has never let me down and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.