About TWH Consulting

Our key service offering is providing our clients with the people needed to propel their business in the ever changing fast paced and challenging world in which we live. To that end we supply both contract and permanent people. We work on SDLC roles predominantly but with our trusted clients we also provide executive search services and, where we feel we can deliver, work on other roles across the business (Managerial, Sales and Marketing….). Where we feel what we do is unique is two fold:

- Quality of the customer and client journey

- Balancing the qualitative and quantative

Things are changing in the world of work – people crave quality, belonging, respect, honesty. GDPR is going to help this happen. We strive to be the very best in providing the customer and client journey that fits with human aspiration. We take our responsibilities seriously, both the legal and the social. Linked to this journey is the balance between the qualitative and the quantitative. We want to provide the right people to our clients – we will go the extra mile to find not just the correct technical stack but the right personal attributes in our candidates. We will strike the right balance between providing the right number of people for a vacancy and providing the right type of person.

How We Work

- Candidate qualification process

- Sourcing methods

- Database

- Integrity

- Community

What Makes Us Good

Journey experience

We focus on people and on candidate and customer journeys. The recruitment journey is simple, a client has a requirement and we find the person for this and bring the two together. From point A to point B right? Easy. As anyone involved in this journey knows, it is not easy; it is the variables along the journey and how all parties react and communicate that make the difference. It is not just from A to B but all the scenery along the way and human reactions and feelings. TWH understands clients, understands people and understands what it takes to be successful. Our family of talented recruitment professionals aspire to provide the very best candidate and client journey, because that is what makes for success for all parties.

Family, shared core values and enjoying what we do

The TWH Family has grown over the years. We don’t just work together we enjoy being with each other and that creates something special. A shared vision. To also evolve with shared thoughts and experiences and to become a valued service to both candidate and client alike.

Our Values

TWH Consulting was built on the foundation of trust. The first thing we ever established was trust in the workplace and this has been critical to our company’s success. In order for us to grow you need the support and help of others who intrinsically share our vision and our goals. It is important to understand that trust comes over time. Over the years we have also earnt the trust of our clients and the trust of our candidates; it is not ours for the asking but for them to determine. For us trust is to do what we say we will do. To fulfil our promises. Make sound decisions for the good of the business. To have constant faith in our employees and support them at all times. To keep confidential information confidential. Trust embodies everything we do.
TWH Consulting is about collaboration and we have built this through participation and partnership. The involvement of two or more parties working together. We believe that together, we are stronger and can contribute far more. That with shared goals, collaborative learning and respected, mutual support we will go further and have greater success. It is with trust and care that our value of collaboration works.
TWH Consulting is all about energy. Its why we come to work and at the very heart of what we do. It is the energy we have in the way we respect and work with each other, the energy in the way we engage with our business partners and the energy we have within supporting our community. Passion, drive, enthusiasm, transparency, attitude, fun and enjoyment. Energy is the very core of our environment and it enriches everything that we do!
TWH Consulting believes that innovation is one of our core values. That we are adaptable in an ever changing marketplace creating new ideas, processes and thoughts that can lead to effective positive change. Looking at the future landscape and from that searching for something new that really fits into our untapped client needs. Developing solutions is what we do and innovation is in our DNA. The Brighton Immersion Experience beautifully supports our value of innovation.